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Papua New Guinea, an island nation with over 7 million people having 800 distinct language groups is a true paradise for all activities. This jungle clad country offers some of the world’s best diving spots, hardcore adventurous can explore some of the most remotest part of the world having direct interaction with the wildlife, friendly people and experiencing the many different cultures.

Welcome to  Papua New  Guinea Wildest Adventures

If it’s culture, art, flora and fauna, birdlife, diving, WW2 and early European settlement, PNG has them all.

The cultural festivals are truly fascinating and is un comparable  to any other festival (cultural) around the world. These colorful, unique and vibrant cultures are of great attraction  to thousands every year.


PNG has a large number of offshore islands, habitat and un habitat, they offer a pleasant surprise with the water activities available such as snorkeling, diving, fishing, swimming or simply enjoying the sandy beaches for sun bathing.

The inter land is mountainous with rugged terrains, vast valleys and fast flowing rivers offers some great adventure. Climbing the highest peaks, trekking the valleys and visiting the native villages is an experience of a lifetime.


PNG having a tropical weather pattern, dry and wet seasons makes travel in PNG  good all year round. October to March is the wet season and April to September is the dry season.

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Tours On Offer

We offer various tours in, soft adventure, cultural, trekking, bird watching, orchids, WW2 memorial tours, game fishing, snorkeling, diving and off course we handle shore excursion arrangements for small to large cruise liners in ports around the country. 
With our well experienced sales team, local guides, we ensure to offer the best tours to the best of our knowledge and experience.

Package Tours

Our work


We will show you a differnet side to Papua New Guinea

niugini experience
png island in paradise
color in new guinea
Kasam Outlook
Trobs Island Boys
Hagen Show Rubim Nus
kumul stret
Cultural Tours
Alotau War Memorial

The Last Frontier..



Papua New Guinea  Wildest  Adeventure  Ltd

PNG Wildest Adventure Ltd is 100% nationally owned and operated by PNG locals. The company head office is located in Port Moresby, the nation’s capital with operational offices and agents located in all major towns. The company commenced operations in 2012 and was in full operation up to now.

The company as an excellent proven track record of offering excellent tours and services to its valued clients and at no one time has ever let any of its valued clients left the shores of Papua New Guinea unhappy. Every client we take are regarded as paramount to us and we give the best possible care and treatment.

As a local company, we know the country geographically, the people, cultures and lifestyles of each and every cultural groups and we ensure visitors are given the real taste of PNG.

We operate tours countrywide and we take visitors to where they want to go and not us taking them to places we want them to visit. We carefully plan out tours to accommodate the specific requirements and interests of every traveller.

The company have a staffing comprised of well experienced local sales team who have been working in the industry for a long time and they know their country very well. 
The sales team puts together tour packages, planning, pricings, reservations and  bookings. The company also have well experienced local tour guides and trek leaders who know their country and the areas we operate. Although they are locals who may not speak fluent English but they are exact and give the information and to the point.

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For bookings, enquiries and or require general information, please contact us:

PNG’s Wildest Adventure Limited

P O Box 1738


National Capital District

Papua New Guinea  

Tel: +675 73939260  or 

       + 675 75530772



Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm

​​Saturday: 8am - 10pm

​Sunday: 8am - 11pm

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